Health and Safety

Health & Safety first

On holiday without worries

In the opinions of our customers, among the distinctive and most appreciated elements are the cleanliness and hygiene of our environments. And today more than ever, after these months that have changed the world, it is our duty to ensure maximum hygiene to protect your and our health, with the implementation of sanitation protocols.

Because hospitality is a job of social responsibility first and foremost than hotel.

The fear of not being ready to adopt all the changes imposed by distancing and, At the same time, certain to guarantee the quality that distinguishes our image are the reason for the failure to reopen the summer season 2020.A difficult and risky decision, which found the approval and appreciation by many loyal customers.

Although closed, we never stopped. We have studied, innovated and implemented the appropriate measures to ensure the safety standard in all environments. We hope we have done our duty as best we can. Of course it is the combination of common sense and applied measures that guarantees a holiday in total safety.

Waiting for May 2021, we like to look forward with confidence and optimism.