Informazioni turistiche

The warm sense of hospitality of Romagna, an impeccable professionalism that has been perfected over the generations, High quality accommodation facilities and a beautiful coastline of billions and billions of grains of golden and impalpable sand are only a part of the immense tourist heritage that the Queen of the Adriatic is able to offer to her guests.

A calendar of events that becomes dense during the summer, the exquisite local food and wine tradition, the famous theme parks including the Aquarium Le Navi Cattolica, pubs and trendy clubs, shopping places, the dock, the theater, the arena, the spectacular Piazza delle Fontane Danzanti define the main places where the city’s tourist life takes place. All this, but not only, is the essential object of the work of TC Informatics established local company that presents the Catholic tourist reality on a global scale through the creation of portals and sites whose contents are aimed at spreading in the network minutely the universe of tourism to Catholic.
Although the Queen of the Adriatic is the main protagonist of the work of TC Informatics should be noted that the other nearby coastal locations fall within the sphere of competence of this company as well as the beautiful hinterland of Romagna. The soft hills that appear as we venture towards the countryside draw in fact breathtaking natural scenery on which stand the unmistakable lines of castles, Medieval and Renaissance fortresses, walls and towers tell a significant part of the history of these places and represent an important architectural and artistic testimony.