CASTLE OF GRADARA: 6 km from Cattolica, 140 meters above sea level, is the magnificent castle of Gradara. The first tower was built in 1150 in the midst of the hills of the Marche with stunning views over the Adriatic Coast. A charming medieval village surrounds the fortress, which is known for the romantic love story of Paolo and Francesca, described by Dante in his Divine Comedy. Within the walls of the village is our “Aurora Residence” which is available 365 days per year for a romantic getaway.

MONTEFIORE CONCA: In 14 km rises, the powerful Malatesta fortress of Montefiore, an important fortification for the defense of the territory and residential complex. To see are still rare frescoes from the fourteenth century. In the village you can visit the workshops of local art pottery. From the top of the fortress you can enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the whole Riviera.

SALUDECIO: just 15 km away, one of the most important places of Conca valley with religious buildings, bell towers, historic towers and walls. In August it hosts the 800 Festival, an event that led many tourists to visit.

MONDAINO: only 16 km away, a small village with a beautiful circular space where takes place in August the Palio del Daino, a fascinating historical representation of the battle between the lords Malatesta and Montefeltro.

MONTEGRIDOLFO: 18 kilometers away rises a carefully, in all its parts, restored castle with village, one of the best preserved fortifications in the province of Rimini between Romagna and Marche.

SAN MARINO: 28 km – the oldest republic in the world, surrounded by fortifications dating from the sixteenth century, on the slopes of Monte Titano, is a popular tourist destination in summer and winter due to the strategic location and the magnificent view of the Riviera.

SAN LEO: 35 km – a beautiful fortress perched on a huge boulder. It is achieved by only one road cut in the rock. They hosted Dante, San Francesco d’Assisi and during the Papal reign, the castle was transformed into a prison. The most famous prisoner was the Count Cagliostro, he died here in 1795.

ONFERNO CAVES: 28 km – In the hinterland of the Conca Valley the Nature Reserve of Onferno belongs with its gypsum caves to the most important in Italy. One of the peculiarities of the caves is that they provide a natural habitat for large bat colonies, there are over 8,000 copies.

PARK OF MONTE SAN BARTOLO: 6 km – an area of approximately 1,600 hectares, along the coast of the Marche, 200 meters above sea level, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. An “interesting places from the point of view of cultural history and nature: an oasis rich in flora and fauna.

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