Not only stoves

Romagna identity and peasant soul. It’s all in the name.

The distinctive title of farmhouse at the sea, attributed to us by customers, fully defines the identity of our cuisine: quality and substance as is the cuisine of Romagna, which enhances the poor food of sailors and products of the land, without too many artifices. What we prepare comes from our family garden without additives and at zero km. This is how it works for us and always, even before it becomes a trend.
The protagonists of the menus are the produce of the vegetable garden, the catch of the day mainly of the Adriatic, the cuts of meat used in the traditional cuisine and the recipes of our history, learned from our sailors and grandmother Teresa. Of course the fresh pasta stretched to the rolling pin, from lasagne to cappelletti in broth, from ravioli to strozzapreti with meat sauce, from cannelloni gnocchi with fish. There is also a careful selection of cheeses, cured meats and typical products to be brought to the table, and out, as described in our “Little workshop of Aurora”.

Final note is the impeccable attention to babies with ad hoc preparations on the advice of mothers, young guests with proposals suitable for their taste, celiacs and various dietary needs.

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Served and not only

All to be enjoyed comfortably in our restaurant "Bianco Corallo", relaxing atmosphere, polite and where everything refers to the sea. We have studied and inserted alternatives also in the open air to consume our menus: Our lunch to take under the umbrella on the beach with convenient take away, our dinner with take away in the tables on the common terrace on the attic floor (by reservation). For the guest of the Penthouse Deluxe room you can enjoy breakfast and meals outside on your own private terrace.

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The breakfast

Every day begins with the scent of cream, croissants and cakes still warm. Enveloping scents of freshly baked things, because in the kitchen the staff rises to the dawn (and even here it is all in the name) to compose sweet and savory creations.

An appetizing breakfast to choose from in our buffet served:

The sweet corner with the fantastic tarts, donuts, brioches and stuffed cream puffs, the various sweets and homemade cookies, the many types of bread, fresh fruit and tagliate, the various jams and honey in comb, yoghurt and cereals...

Many salty delicacies between cold cuts and cheeses, eggs and omelettes that we prepare at the moment and to your taste. All accompanied by drinks served at the table, fruit juices, tea selections, flavored water, cappuccinos and coffee, as at the bar. From 7.30 to 10.00 served by us in the Bianco Corallo restaurant, or served by you for the simple pleasure of an outdoor breakfast, on your private terrace of the Deluxe Penthouse room.

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The lunch

It starts from a buffet served by our staff that ranges from hot appetizers to cold sea and land, from a wide variety of salads to grilled vegetables and battered (including the inevitable fried pumpkin flowers).
In addition to three different menu proposals: Sea Breeze, Perfume of Earth, Aurora Light. To finish the ice cream, fruit salad and fruit, possibly from the family garden.

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The farm dinner

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Even for dinner, our healthy, nutritious and light menu shines, with dishes that change daily based on what the sea and our garden offer.
Served as a buffet we offer excellent vegetable soups, legume soups with fish and the inevitable passatelli in broth. After the spoon-fed first courses, follow the second courses of meat and fish, the selection of cheeses and cured meats, the vegetables au gratin, the compositions of salads, the focaccias, the pizzas and the stuffed wraps, thus giving you the possibility to choose moment the dishes and compose your dish served by our staff.
Followed by homemade desserts, ice cream and fruit served at the table.

Hotel Aurora

About celiac disease and intolerance

Sensitive and attentive to the needs of our guests and with particular attention to those who follow a gluten-free diet, or diet for allergies and intolerances.
We are well informed and prepared about coeliac disease, although not by our choice an Aic recognized hotel.
We offer daily a la carte menu with first courses, main courses, side dishes and desserts ad hoc gluten free, as well as a breakfast served with gluten-free ingredients.
Good thing is to inform us of any intolerances and allergies in advance at the time of booking.