The small workshop of Aurora

We started to bring the products of our hinterland in the kitchen of the hotel when there was still no talk of green and km Zero.

It all starts, years ago, from the interest of the same customers who, visiting the family garden, wanted a box of fresh fruit and vegetables, in memory of the holiday.

This appreciation was decisive, and bringing the products to zero km on the table in the hotel was in fact a natural consequence. This is how the Little Workshop of the Aurora was born.
We have always liked to look for those small companies and producers of our hinterland, attentive to the respect of nature, visit them personally to know their history, taste their products and make a selection. We make them appreciate in quality, we explain what is behind the label, on the table of customers in the hotel.

We also created a small display of the selected products.

Whether it is cold cuts, piadina, wine, jam, sour cherry juice, beer or oil, everything is Romagna and Marche. And absolutely healthy.